Garage Door Cable Repair & Replacement Services in Calgary

Garage Door Cable

A modern garage door consists of various small components coming together to create a functional door. Every component works in unison with the others to create a perfectly working overhead door that serves as a convenience to the door. Cables attached to a door are a crucial component of the entire system and they are also the ones that suffer the most damage due to the daily working.

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Cables attached to a garage door can face numerous issues after years of usage. When attached to a spring, these cables can get frayed or loosen over time. Pulley action can lead to increase in the push-pull action when the door is operated. In case the cable quality is inferior, it can snap and break easily. In case of heavy industrial doors, the cables are springs have to be installed very carefully.

When you call us, you not only get a complete diagnosis but also a transparent estimate of the repair work. Honest work ethics are reflected in our every project.

Why You should Seek Professional Help?

Repairing or replacing garage door cables is not a do-it-yourself task. Also, there can be various types of cables that only professionals understand. The cable can be steel reinforced or simply aluminum cable. Installing the right cable is vital since wrong selection can cause abrupt working. At Calgary Garage Doors Repair, we are experts in handling all manners of repairs that demand replacement of parts. Also, we replace cables with original manufacturer specified cables that pass the most stringent quality tests.

Why Call Our Team

  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Service
  • Broken Garage Door Springs Replacement
  • Bent or Broken Tracks Replacement
  • Annual Maintenance & Inspections
  • Garage Door Rollers Repair/Replacement
  • Fully Stocked Vehicles with Parts

We always train our technicians to repair and replace original parts with great caution. We encourage them to constantly update their skill set as per the latest trends. Professional services ensure that the parts are fitted properly and also that they are installed with future use in mind. We also guide home owners on how to best use the overhead doors.

Same day emergency response is the primary highlight of our area. We are proud to serve the local region with the right door service at an affordable prices. Let our team of experts repair or replace the faulty parts in your garage door effectively and efficiently.

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