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Garage Door Spring

Spring is an extremely vital component of the garage door. The entire operation of opening and closing the garage door depends on spring, opener and the cable. So, having some issue with the spring can not only hinder the operation but also damage the door in the long term.

At Calgary Garage Doors Repair, we know how to replace the springs safely. We have professionals who are well versed in how to remove the torsion and extension springs. Springs contain high potential energy in them for the operation. They can be very tightened depending on the weight of the door itself. So, we recommend that spring replacement always be carried out by professionals.

Torsion and Extension Spring Replacement

Garage doors springs can be further classified into two categories namely torsion and extension springs. Both these springs differ from each other in terms of how they perform the lifting operation. Torsion springs move the overhead door towards the ceiling while the extension spring moves the door sideways.

If left unattended, these springs can pose huge danger to the user. In case they are creating noise, they might be loosing tension and getting loose. Entire doors can collapse if the springs are not attended to fast enough. If the vehicle is standing under the door, it can cause extensive damage. In the worst case, a distorted spring with high tension can snap with violent force thereby causing serious, or even fatal, injury to the user standing nearby. Continuing operating the door without repairs can pose serious danger.

How We Can Help

Spring replacement is a dangerous job and should only be done by professionals. Owners may attempt to remove and install the springs but this can be very risky proposition. We replace springs with professional grade equipment and full safety. We also ensure that the things in the garage are safe during the whole process.

Using our many years of experience and repair skills, we undertake the process with extreme caution. Home owners experience high quality services at affordable prices just after a simple call to our team. As soon as you get in touch with us, we dispatch a technician that takes care of the whole project.

Unmatched Local Garage Door Spring Replacement

When springs simply cannot be repaired, we recommend replacing them. We keep in stock the springs of various models of garage doors from numerous manufacturers. We match the spring with the specifications of the previous model and the overhead door as well. Spring replacement is usually affordable and we always give a transparent quote before the replacement process.

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